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I just want to thank the whole Fayette Dental Care team. They are always professional, courteous, caring and very nice. I am very happy with the services and treatments that I have received from Dr. Attia and his staff. Dr. Attia and his team make sure that their patients are comfortable and informed every step of the way. Dr. Attia makes you feel as though you are his one an only patient, it’s very rare these days to receive that kind of service. It is also refreshing to see that he and his team genuinely work well together and like each other.

I also wanted to call attention to the wonderful implant procedure that I received this week. After listening to coworkers and other people who had the traditional implant procedure I was a little nervous. I’ve had plenty of dental work done in my life, so I’m fairly comfortable with the usual stuff that other people fear such as root canals, fillings, bridges, etc. I am happy to report that the mini-implant procedure that Dr. Attia uses is wonderful. Really, it is literally pain-free, low-noise, and virtually no down-time. The procedure is done in one visit. The first visit is to have impressions taken to send to the lab. Once the implant and crown are returned from the lab, the next visit is the implant and the crown all in one sitting. In most cases the procedure takes less than an hour. I was very surprised at how easy and smoothly the whole procedure went. This is a true testament of the skills of Dr. Attia and his team. I asked Dr. Attia why anyone would want to do the procedure any other way. I would recommend this procedure and Dr. Attia to all my family, friends and coworkers.

Vivian W.


Dear Dr. Magdy Attia,

I first want to thank you and your staff for an excellent job well done. I'm glad I choose you as my doctor and I'm very happy with the results. It was like being on a new smile makeover show. I look and feel very confident about myself and smile. There is nothing like a white, bright nice smile. I'm happy with how the procedure with the implant was performed. You explained everything in detail and you and your staff treated me like a king. After wearing that flipper for almost two years I was ready for a new smile. Again, thank you very much!

Dennis C.


Due to several bad experiences, I have neglected to get proper dental care over the years. That was until I called 1-800-Dentist and met Dr. Attia. From the moment I entered his facility I knew that he was very professional. His staff is very comforting and addresses you by name when you enter the facility. Dr. Attia is very caring and prompt. I have had two occasions where emergency dental care was needed. Dr. Attia has never turned me down and has always given excellent dental care and advice. Each time I visit Dr. Attia, the back and forth travel is 120 miles. People often ask why I drive so far to visit a dentist. I tell them that when you find a dentist like Dr. Attia you will drive also. They are really wonderful!

Ebony B.

Recently, I experienced my first dental laser treatment versus the use of a dental drill. At first I was leery about the use of this new procedure. When they explained to me how the new Laser Treatment would work for removing tooth decay/fillings and that it no longer required the use of a dental drill my first thought was “Oh no, not on me!” (I am not a good dental patient). After experiencing my first treatment it was actually great. It was completely pain free and I was done in no time. Another great benefit from Laser treatment versus the regular freeze/drill way is that I had no down time of having to wait until my mouth unfroze. There was no discomfort what so ever. What a great new way for dental treatment, especially for children.

Kim G.

My experience at the dentist was very good. I used to be afraid to go to the dentist. Especially if the dentist said, “Melissa you have a cavity.” I did not like getting cavity fillings because sometimes the Novocain does not take the pain away. The other reason I did not like cavity fillings are because it would leave a black or silver filling instead of a white filling.

The laser is so much better than the drill because it does not hurt and it does not leave a black or silver filling, just a nice white filling. Now I don’t mind going to the dentist because it is pain free! Excellent work!

Truly Yours, Melissa B

On my way home from work last week my front tooth finally came out in my hand. (It had been loose for about 3 months). I called my dentist and I was told they could see me in seven days. So I called Dr. Attia’s office, I was told I could come in ASAP that he would see me before he went home. He wasn’t able to save my tooth but he worked miracles and had a temp tooth in my mouth within days. Way before my dentist could even see me. His staff and office personnel work together as a team. They are a strong team; I couldn’t even find a weak link within his staff. Dr. Attia takes the times to show and explain everything he does. Excellent work. Thank you!

Tom B.

My experience here with Dr. Attia has been great. He and his staff have been very nice and professional. It had been a while since I went to a dentist because my last experience I was treated like a child and even lectured. Here, they informed me and respected me. In others words treated me like an adult. In my opinion, they did an excellent and thorough job.

Darrell C.

My visit to this office has always been 10 times less painful than any place I have been. The staff is very friendly also. In my opinion this is by far my favorite office.

Dewey H.



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